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Kevin Gleaton’s communications work

March 21, 2021
Kevin Gleaton

When it comes to aiding businesses with their various communication needs, Kevin Gleaton steps up to the plate and wears many hats to help businesses both small and large accomplish their goals. His work spans communications tactics that bring increased attention to other companies. His areas of expertise include campaign execution, social media strategy, new media development, lead generation, marketing architecture and strategy, marketing automation, digital marketing, brand marketing, public relations and coaching.

Kevin Gleaton has gained considerable experience working with large-scale, high-profile initiatives as well as low-profile, small-scale initiatives, noting that he’s probably learned even more from the smaller projects. He’s managed marketing budgets that exceed $25 million. Currently, he’s aiding a mid-sized business with a $10 million annual marketing budget, also serving as its chief marketing officer.

Although his education is computer and electrical engineering, Gleaton’s career has spanned diverse roles and opportunities, which have provided him with a unique perspective on how to solve varied and complex business challenges. He can often be found on the front lines of the fast-paced digital landscape. He’s most effective working with empowered and intelligent people who drive product vision and strategy. As a manager, he wants to inspire change and growth, generating new ideas that improve products or lead toward new ones.